The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls Requiem

Created by Edmund McMillen

Update: Preorders open again until March 31 or until we sell out again -- whichever comes first! After selling out on our initial preorders, we've since secured another small print run of Four Souls Requiem. Only pre-ordered copies of the game come with an exclusive 10th Anniversary Isaac card. Pre-order the retail version of The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls Requiem and the add-ons from the original Kickstarter campaign. All orders placed now will ship in Fall 2022. Please note that we are still finalizing the design of some of our products and there may be subtle differences between the items shown here and the final products. Credit card charges will appear as: Maestro Media

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Lilith Plush & Nuclear Throne Warp Zone
about 1 year ago – Thu, Jun 10, 2021 at 03:43:46 AM

Welcome to Week 2 Friends,

We’ve got a lot to talk about this week but let’s start with some big news on the Plush Front. We started prototyping plushes all the way back in March and we loved the look of Blue Baby and rerelease of Azazel. But something wasn’t right about Lilith. And then we realized, SHE WAS MISSING EYES under her blindfold and Incubus was missing! So it was back to the shop to work on those. That’s why you see a 2D mock up of her in the Add-on section. Well, we have some great news, and we’re sharing it here first. Lilith is back! And she’s ready for action:

Look at those eyes! Look at the blood! Look at that hair! She’s going to be an epic addition to our collection, but that's not all. Incubus isn't just hanging out in that picture for fun, IT COMES WITH LILITH!

Is there any other merch you'd like to see featured in an update? Let us know, and we'll get a nice big picture prepared for you.

Campaign News

We’ll be updating just about every other day now but you all keep impressing us with how quickly you finish these Social Challenges. Thank you for your suggestions on future Warp Zones you’d love to see, we’re having a couple of very interesting conversations with people. I’m a bit behind on reveals, but I wanted to call out a Warp Zone we showed off in the Week 1 Update yesterday from developer Vlambeer, it’s Nuclear Throne:

If you have a Warp Zone Suggestion, please head over to Update #6 to comment!

If you have an Add-on Question, there’s a ton answered on Update #7 and in the FAQs!

Other than that, the best and quickest way to get your campaign questions answered is to engage the community in the Comments section. While we will eventually get to all of the Direct Messages, answers there will be answered in days, not minutes like Comments are. You should also check out the FAQ section, we keep adding answers there, yours may already be answered.

Thank you for your support!

~The Requiem Team

Week 1 Recap
about 1 year ago – Tue, Jun 08, 2021 at 04:37:17 AM

Hello Friends!

It’s the end of week one of the campaign. We’re going to take a moment to wax poetic so forgive us. Your pledges have made this game possible. As an independent publisher, getting games to market is an incredible financial burden controlled by Big Board Game. Ya, it's totally a thing. Kickstarter allows independent publishers an opportunity to make their dreams a reality. You have blown past our dreams. Your pledge employs hundreds of people at the factories to print the game, the boxes, the figures, the merch and other trinkets. It employs hundreds of people in the fulfillment centers and shipping of the game. It pays the artists who have put their blood and sweat into designing the game. And you’ve ensured that we can continue to create and publish far into the future. That is no small thing.

We’re far from the end of this thing, so we’ll save the rest of the sentiment for later.

Let’s recap Week 1!

You crazy people funded our game in under 3 minutes and raced past the $1,000,000 mark in less than 90 minutes. At the 12 hours mark we reached 19,000 backers. At the end of 24 hours we had over 22,500 backers and raised over $2.8 million. You blew past so many Stretch Goals that we had to play catch up on announcing all of them. Here’s the list of what you’ve unlocked in less than one week:

10 Stretch Goals in 1 Week!

Then you got to work on the Social Goals, you’ve completed so many Social Challenges in one week that we’ve already had to think of more and harder ones for the future. Each completed Social Challenge has unlocked 1-5 Warp Zone cards. Cards from other games and franchises that are now included in the game!

10 Warp Zones Unlocked Through Social Challenges!

And every time we gained another thousand backers, we added an Alt Art card to the game. These are in addition to the cards that are already in the game, it just gives a second card by an amazing guest artist. These too you’ve blown past so fast that we can’t keep up! We’ve shown off a ton already, but we still have more to show to catch up!

We've unlocked so many more!

It has been one hell of a week and we’re just getting started.

Stay Tuned to the Updates for more spoilers, more about the new mechanics, and more about Merch!

We'd also love to hear what you're most looking forward to as the Kickstarter goes on! What topics can we help unravel in future updates?

~The Requiem Team

Add-ons! Stretch Goal PINS! More Warp Zones and Alt Art!
about 1 year ago – Tue, Jun 08, 2021 at 03:06:53 AM

Hello Friends,

I wanted to take a moment today to talk about add-ons. Kickstarter recently launched a beta version of an add-on feature. This feature will one day be a great addition to this amazing platform and we look forward to using it in a future campaign!

If you’ve backed Binding of Isaac: Four Souls, Tapeworm, or any other number of games that launched on Kickstarter, you’re already familiar with the Backerkit add-on process, but here’s a quick refresher.

There are two ways you can handle add-ons while the Kickstarter is live.

  1. You can back a pledge level as low as $1 to gain access to Backerkit. Pledge and pay for just the tier cost and you’ll receive access to the pledge manager. Once the Backerkit pledge manager opens post-Kickstarter, you’ll be able to pick and choose which add-ons you want, add them to your cart, and pay for them at checkout.
  • When you select a tier, there is an option to add “bonus support.” Increase your bonus support by the amount of the add-ons you’d like to purchase. The list of prices for add-ons is near the bottom of the campaign page. Doing the add-ons this way will help push the Kickstarter needle further, and help get everyone closer to more stretch goals! The money will be collected at the end of the Kickstarter and will be available when the Backerkit launches. You’ll then select which add-ons you’d like in the pledge manager just like any online store. The “bonus support” will act like a credit in Backerkit up to the amount you added.

If you have a question about add-ons, this is the place to ask it!

It will help us corral certain questions in specific areas!

Add-On Questions In This Comment Section

Warp Zone Suggestions/Questions on Update #6

Campaign News 

We hit another huge milestone today and unlocked PINS! It’s incredible how far we’ve come in just 5 days. Here’s a look at those pins!

Now that we’re solidly above $4MM we have our eyes firmly set on the final two stretch goals and a bonus Stretch Goal!

At $5M we’ll unlock blank cards. We were shocked at how often this was asked for, and we’re bringing it to you! Create your own card to add to the game with this Stretch Goal!

We're rapidly approaching another Milestone: 38,335 Backers. This is the number of backers of our original campaign, and we're poised to surpass that. Once we do, we're going to add even more temporary tattoos as a thank you!

At $6.66M we’ll unlock the FINAL Stretch Goal! This is a big one and adds 5 extra Tear Tokens, 5 extra Heart Tokens, and 20 extra cards. TWENTY CARDS! What are these cards you ask? We’ll all find out when we hit $6.66M.

With your continuing support, we can get there sooner than we ever thought possible.

Unlocked Cards

Alt Art cards continue to unlock for every 1,000 backers. Here’s a look at a few more you've unlocked:

 On the Social Challenges front, you all are well on your way to unlocking the next set of Warp Zones. We’ve seen ‘em, they’re epic, and we can’t wait to show you.We owe you a Warp Zone reveal from yesterday and here it is:

Remember to head to Twitter to participate. Tweet @EdmundMcMillen and @TheMaestroTeam to play along!

Please remember the best and quickest way to get your campaign questions answered is to engage the community in the Comments section. While we will eventually get to all of the Direct Messages, answers there will be answered in days, not minutes like Comments are. You should also check out the FAQ section, we keep adding answers there, yours may already be answered.

Thank you for your support!

~The Requiem Team

Charmed Enemies, More Warp Zones and New Social Goals
about 1 year ago – Tue, Jun 08, 2021 at 03:06:50 AM

Happy Sunday Friends,

The weekend is wrapping up, but we’re still going strong! I wanted to spend a little time today talking about Charmed Enemies. These devilishly cute enemies add a whole new dimension of play and force even the most hardcore backstabbers into helping others. You never know when the next charmed enemy will show up in the Monster Deck and they act like any other enemy and must be defeated just like any other enemy. Each charmed monster comes with its own unique bonus for defeating it, and each one helps another player. How will you choose who to help? How will helping someone hurt another? We also like this mechanic as a way of balancing the field when certain players are lagging behind.

Campaign News 

Welcome to the long middle of the campaign, the increase in backers will slow for the next couple weeks. This is our community, and it’s 33,699 people strong. The love you’ve shown, the care and compassion for others is beyond belief. Thank you for being so active in the comments and for helping others. We have been adding FAQs as fast as we can when we see question trends, make sure to check that section to see if we’ve answered your question already. If we haven't, the comments are the best place to ask.

For Warp Zone Specific Questions or Suggestions please put them in UPDATE #6

For Add-On Specific Questions please put them in UPDATE#7

Social Goals

Social Goals are still going strong! Just yesterday you all unlocked 2 new Warp Zones by completing the Dross Social Challenge. That's 5 total Completed and 7 Warp Zones!

 We'll share one of the two sets here today. We're extremely excited to show you one of the most requested Warp Zones, your suggestions in Update #6 let us know how much you were crazing this one. It's HOLLOW KNIGHT by Team Cherry:

 And we’re rolling on the next set of Challenges The Ashpit

Remember to head to Twitter to participate. Tweet @EdmundMcMillen and @TheMaestroTeam to play along!

We’ll be back soon!
~The Requiem Team

Room Deck, New Social and Alt Card Unlocks!
about 1 year ago – Sat, Jun 05, 2021 at 03:45:08 AM

It’s the end of day four Dear Friends,

Over the next few days we’re going to be discussing specifics of certain aspects of the game. If you want to see what crazy things you’ve unlocked, scroll down to the campaign news section, this will be included daily after talking about an aspect of the game.

Room Deck

We wanted to take a moment to talk about one of the biggest updates to The Binding of Isaac Four Souls that is being added with Requiem. We’re talking about The Room Deck.

 This devious deck of cards is designed to bring a whole new interactive element to the game.

This 55 card bonus deck features 10 "curse" cards, 10 "blessing cards," 20 "neutral" modifier cards, 10 interactive "item" cards, and 5 dice rooms that shake things up. This deck is optional and we recommend playing at least a few games without The Room Deck to familiarize yourself with the rules and play before adding this advanced deck.

The rooms are blind drawn, so you won’t know the effect until you draw The Room Card from the Room Deck. On most cards you’ll have the option to use the card benefit if you’d like, but on others, the global effect will be instantaneous and ongoing. FI you killed a monster on your turn, at the end of your turn you can choose to discard that room card and reveal a new one or leave it in play.

Campaign News

After 96 frenetic hours of fun it’s clear that we have THE BEST BACKERS on Kickstarter. Since we revealed the Social Challenges, you have already completed most of the originally planned challenges:

Here’s the Newest Social Challenge Set, you now have to complete ALL challenges to unlock the Next Warp Zone!

You can participate over on Twitter and be the first to see the next set of Social Challenges by following @EdmundMcMillen and @TheMaestroTeam. Here’s what you unlocked by wasting The Mausoleum, check out the other unlocks in Update 3 & Update 4. We’ll share what you unlocked by wasting the Planetarium tomorrow! For now enjoy Slay the Spire by Mega Crit.

Is there a particular game you’d love to see as a Warp Zone? Let us know in the comments!

Speaking of unlocks. We’re still adding a new Alt Art Card for every One Thousand backers that join the Kickstarer. We’re up to 32 Cards now! Here’s a peak at a few more:

Please remember the best and quickest way to get your campaign questions answered is to engage the community in the Comments section. While we will eventually get to all of the Direct Messages, answers there will be answered in days, not minutes like Comments are. You should also check out the FAQ section, we keep adding answers there, yours may already be answered.

Thank you again for your support, we’ll be back tomorrow with even more fun.

~ The Requiem Team