The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls Requiem

Created by Edmund McMillen

Update: Preorders open again until March 31 or until we sell out again -- whichever comes first! After selling out on our initial preorders, we've since secured another small print run of Four Souls Requiem. Only pre-ordered copies of the game come with an exclusive 10th Anniversary Isaac card. Pre-order the retail version of The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls Requiem and the add-ons from the original Kickstarter campaign. All orders placed now will ship in Fall 2022. Please note that we are still finalizing the design of some of our products and there may be subtle differences between the items shown here and the final products. Credit card charges will appear as: Maestro Media

Latest Updates from Our Project:

$6.66M : The "Final" Stretch Goal Unlocked
about 2 years ago – Fri, Jul 02, 2021 at 01:46:46 AM

Hello Friends,

We have about 40 minutes remaining and you've obliterated our FINAL STRETCH GOAL. This goal goes to the Big Boi Box! Tier and up. Thank you to the 47,527 backers who have helped push us over this milestone!

With this unlock we're now adding 5 new Tear tokens and 5 new Heart tokens to the box. This brings the total of each up to 15! But that's not why you're here is it? You want to know about the 20 new cards. We've designed 8 cards so far. The other cards? They're not created yet, and they won't be until we hear feedback on what our backers want. This will happen post-Kickstarter, so stay tuned!

Remember these 20 bonus cards come in the Big Boi Box! Tier and above. With these 20 extra cards those tiers now have over 150 KICKSTARTER EXCLUSIVE BONUS CARDS. For those keeping track, that's over 50% more new cards than we started with. Upgrade your pledge from the Four Souls Requiem Tier to the Big Boi Box! Tier or higher now to get your hands on those cards. You can also upgrade your pledge in Backerkit once the Kickstarter is over, but if you can afford to do it now, it helps out the whole community because we're not done! 

The $7,000,000 Stretch Goal

If we can hit $7,000,000 before the end of the Kickstarter we'll be foiling all of the Character Cards, Eternal Items, and Bonus Souls! It's a final final Stretch Goal in addition to the final Stretch Goal you just shattered! Let's get there! 

We've got more!

We've been unlocking new cards just about every 2 hours as we knock out 120,000 damage to THE BEAST. You can help by Retweeting and Liking this PINNED POST, Tweet using #thebindingofisaac and adding to the post. She also takes damage for every dollar added to the pledge!

Let's make the final hour INSANE! $7,000,000 here we come!

~The Requiem Team

6 Hours Remaining!
about 2 years ago – Fri, Jul 02, 2021 at 01:42:23 AM

We're in the Endgame now! A huge thank you to our very own avengers who have selflessly helped backers throughout the campaign by answering questions and hyping the game on Kickstarter, Twitter, Reddit, Discord, and more! With just 6 hours left in the campaign, we can taste $6.66M. It's so close! You can still help us get there by:

  • Upgrading your pledge. It's a great time to move up from the Requiem Tier to the Big Boi or The Base Game to the Full Collection! Make sure you get ALL of the Stretch Goals, Warp Zones, and Alt Cards
  • Add bonus support now for the add-ons you'll be purchasing in Backerkit
  • Add bonus support now for shipping costs you'll be paying in Backerkit

If you can't help financially you can still help by telling everyone about the game. This is the LAST chance to get over 130 exclusive cards. Don't let your friends/enemies/random internet strangers miss out!

The Beast

Secure your victory against The Beast. We're so close!

  • Every dollar pledged hits her
  • Every Retweet or like of the latest pinned Tweet hits her
  • Every time you Tweet with the #thebindingofisaac and linking to she takes THREE damage!

We've got this! 6 hours left!

~The Maestro Team

14 Hours to Go!
about 2 years ago – Fri, Jul 02, 2021 at 12:39:23 AM

Hello Friends,

Just a quick cheer leading update. You all are amazing and the buzz you’re creating is helping push The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls Requiem to new heights! We're already the Seventh most funded Tabletop game in Kickstarter history and we have a chance to gain a few more spots. Your passion and outpouring of support is truly overwhelming. But no time to rest, we still have The Beast left to destroy! She's looking damaged:

But she still has more hit points to go. There's still the opportunity to add 30+ more cards if we hit that $6.66M Stretch Goal and defeat the Beast. That would take the total of new cards up over 160 cards unlocked during the Kickstarter. That is ENORMOUS, and it all comes down to this amazing community. Great Job!

Remember - The Beast takes damage for every Like/RT Edmund's latest Pinned Tweet and every $1 raised in the Kickstarter.

  • Upgrade your pledge
  • Add bonus support for add-ons and shipping
  • Get your friends to back now by telling them about all the Kickstarter Exclusive cards they'll never be able to get again

Anything you can do to help the community, now's the time to do it. 14 More Hours, let's make it EPIC!

~The Maestro Team

about 2 years ago – Fri, Jul 02, 2021 at 12:21:46 AM

Hello Friends,

If you missed the Livestream last night, catch the replay HERE, we’ve got a ton to tell you!

We’re in the last 33 hours of the campaign and the FINAL BOSS has arrived and you have been taking him down. We need your help defeating him and it is going to take 1,400,000 hits. Every new Kickstarter dollar pledged or like and retweet of this pinned tweet will count for a hit. After 120K hits, Edmund will roll a D20 which will unlock new and special for the backers. The more rolls made, the more rewards he’ll drop! 

   1. New Blank Card
  2. New Passive Item
  3. New Basic Monster Card
  4. New Misc. Loot Card
  5. New Misc. Room Card
  6. New Active Item
  7. New Trinket
  8. New Boss Card
  9. New Event Card
  10. New Guest Artist Alt Art Card!
  11. New Guest Artist Alt Art Card!
  12. New Guest Artist Alt Art Card!
  13. New Guest Artist Alt Art Card!
  14. New Guest Artist Alt Art Card!
  15. New Guest Artist Alt Art Card!
  16. New Guest Artist Alt Art Card!
  17. New Guest Artist Alt Art Card!
  18. New Warp Zone Card!
  19. New Warp Zone Card!


Henry is also joining the fray just around the corner at $6,000,000! He’ll be randomly inserted into 10% of games. If you bought The Requiem Tier or up, you have a chance to get Henry in your game.

Don’t miss out, it’s the final countdown, your time is running out! Take out THE BEAST and unlock those cards!

~The Maestro Team

The Final Boss Takes Damage!
about 2 years ago – Thu, Jul 01, 2021 at 11:44:02 PM

You’ve been damaging The Beast with every Like and RT of THIS POST and every dollar raised on the Kickstarter page. Every time she takes 120,000 damage she drops cards that get added to the game! These cards are decided by dice rolls by the creator himself.

Edmund has been streaming his dice rolls. His livestreams will continue for every 120,000 damage done to The Beast, so make sure to keep checking Youtube.

Here's his First Dice Roll

Here's his Second Dice Roll

Don’t Miss Out!

Tell your friends, upgrade your pledge, add bonus support for add-ons or shipping costs. We can defeat The Beast and hit that final Stretch Goal and Social Challenge together! I know there's a ton going on right now so just to recap the final goals we have:

The Final Stretch Goal

We believe in you! The Kickstarter pledges and upgrades are pouring in and we can see the final Stretch Goal on the horizon. At $6.66M raised on the Kickstarter you will unlock the Final Stretch Goal that adds 5 more Tear Tokens, 5 more Heart Tokens, and 20 more cards added to Requiem. These 20 cards will be voted on by fans post-Kickstarter! Here's what you can do to help the community reach that goal if you are able: 

  • Update your pledge to a higher tier
  • Add bonus or extra support NOW for the add-ons you want (this money will act like a credit in Backerkit)
  • Add bonus or extra support NOW to pay for shipping costs.

The Final Social Challenge

The End is happening on Twitter RIGHT NOW. This will unlock even more Warp Zones! Make sure you head over to Edmund's Twitter to participate in the hype!


As we mentioned above, THE BEAST has arrived. She has 1,400,000 hit points. You can help the community damage her by Liking/RT THIS POST and by adding money to your pledge, or getting others to back. Each like/RT and each $1 raised on the Kickstarter does damage. You're less than 18K away from the next dice roll!

There's only 30 hrs and 30 minutes left, let's make it an epic finale!

~The Maestro Team