The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls Requiem

Created by Edmund McMillen

Update: Preorders open again until March 31 or until we sell out again -- whichever comes first! After selling out on our initial preorders, we've since secured another small print run of Four Souls Requiem. Only pre-ordered copies of the game come with an exclusive 10th Anniversary Isaac card. Pre-order the retail version of The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls Requiem and the add-ons from the original Kickstarter campaign. All orders placed now will ship in Fall 2022. Please note that we are still finalizing the design of some of our products and there may be subtle differences between the items shown here and the final products. Credit card charges will appear as: Maestro Media

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Late Night With Edmund
over 2 years ago – Wed, Jun 30, 2021 at 04:49:30 AM

Hello Friends,

Let's light some candles and slow things down. Join us for an intimate update as we talk Big Boi Bath Water.

You asked for it. An actual jar of bathwater from Edmund McMillen, and I'll be damned if he didn't do exactly that for the fans! Danielle made him write on, draw on, and sign all 39 jars before she let him out of the tub.

Things got a little chilly before the end!

Not only do you get 100% pure Big Boi Bath Water, but you also get everything in the EVERYTHING BUT THE SKETCH TIER!

— The Ultimate Collector's Edition of the Game!

— The awesome Kickstarter-Exclusive 6”-Winged Isaac Figure,

— A special Kickstarter-Exclusive print SIGNED by Edmund McMillen

— Baby Plum Plush

— The Lilith Plush

— The Blue Baby Plush

— The Monstro Plush

— The Azazel Plush

— All five shirts

— Both Beanies

— Both Stress Balls

— The Classic Isaac Hat

— The Mega Figures Pack (all 15 figures)

— Both the Unholy rollers and Holy Rollers Dice Sets

— The Requiem 4-Player Mat

— The Peach Momoko 2-Player Mat

— The Tapeworm Kickstarter-Exclusive Pink-Box Game

Don't miss your chance to get this one of a kind item and throw your support behind this project in the most unique way!

~The Maestro Team

over 2 years ago – Wed, Jun 30, 2021 at 04:49:29 AM

Hi Friends,

I can hardly believe I'm writing this update, but here we go. Together you all have raised $5,301,751! Another way to say that is that we've:

Thank you to the 41,257 backers who have made this possible! Alt Art Cards will now have slight modifications to make them unique cards. You can add these cards to your Big Boi Box Tier and above without "doubling up" on cards! Here's an example:

The original card that is included in every game is up top. The original Alt Art Card is on the bottom left, and the new modified Alt Art Card is on the right! As you can see the modification is small, but significant.

In other news, the community is heading toward The White Light and has already completed 4 / 5 of the Social Challenge. Keep going strong!

The Last Push

We want to make sure that everyone knows about this Kickstarter before it's over! Tell your friends. If you're on the Discord, Reddit, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, at your local game/comic store tell them about this awesome campaign, and about those KICKSTARTER EXCLUSIVE Warp Zone and Alt Art cards!

You can also spread the word on by interacting with our games on the site. On Requiem’s PAGE you to click the Heart to become a Fan, subscribe to the page for updates, add images or videos, or post in the forums. On the Base Game’s PAGE you can do any of the above and rate the game since this is a game you’ve played and your honest feedback helps others decide if it’s a game they’d like to play.

Only a few days left!

~The Maestro Team

New Tier Announcement!
over 2 years ago – Wed, Jun 30, 2021 at 04:49:27 AM

Hello Friends,

We heard you. The limited Mega Satan Tier just wasn't enough. For some people the Livestream announcement happened while they were asleep. 5 seconds after it went live they were GONE and people missed out. We're announcing this tier early so everyone has the opportunity to get the tier if they want it. You may need to stay up or wake up early, but we can all plan ahead this time.

Mega Satan Phase 2 is here

The Tier goes live TUESDAY 00:01 (12:01AM) PST. That's 07:01 UTC (GMT). That's Monday night into Tuesday. Synchronize your watches and get your hands on this incredible collectible!

We went back to the artist Elvis Salado, designer of the original sculpture, and Elvis made it happen and it's astounding. Seriously, take another look:   

Next, Elvis needs to make a mold. With all those overcuts and intricate detailing, that is going to be a difficult mold to make, and again time consuming. He'll then mix and pour resin into the mold to capture every detail before filling the interior with a dense, hard foam. Then he'll repeat that process 14 more times as this new sculpture will be limited to 15 backers only! As someone who's worked with molds before, this process takes a toll both mentally and physically.

Run, don't walk, over to Twitter and show Elvis Salado your love, the man is amazing! Here's a look at the full tier:  

 We'll see you at 12:01AM PST Tuesday!

~The Requiem Team

Week 4 Recap!
over 2 years ago – Wed, Jun 30, 2021 at 04:49:24 AM

Hello Friends,

With just a little over 3 days remaining in this most epic Kickstarter we wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who's helped. Thank you to the nearly 42K backers that have made this game a reality. Particular shout outs to those of you who have been answering other backers questions. Glutzhan, Angrybandicoot, Haelmer, Matteo, Holden, John C, Holden, Renan, the_verTigO, Oriuelo and everyone else I've missed.

This is a small team of very dedicated people but without the backers behind us, we couldn't be doing all we've done. As they take the time to assist this community, it frees us up to do all the other things. Here's just a few things from Week 4!

Week 4 Recap

We officially welcomed our Localization partners. You can read the full announcement on Update #27. Funforge, SD Distribuciones, MS Edizioni, and Pegasus Spiele will be translating the Kickstarter versions of the game and Asmodee Asia will translate the retail version.

We hit $5M and unlocked a set of blank cards so you can created your own twisted Warp Zone or any other idea you want to your game!

Speaking of Warp Zones. When you conquered The Closet we added a 6 card Warp Zone from The Binding of Isaac & the internet. By defeating Static you unlocked the Among Us Warp Zone. Then you unlocked three of the most requested Warp Zones by completing the Lake of Fire. Klei, Dodge Roll, and Explosm gave us Don't Starve Together, Enter the Gungeon, and Cyanide & Happiness and Trial by Trolley. You can see the cards in Update #28.

We added three new Alt Art Cards by adding 3,000 new backers bringing the total up to 41 new cards and will soon add another Alt Art card as we reach 42,000 backers!

Let's go! There's only 100 hours left to go in this campaign! And remember TONIGHT is the Ultra Limited Mega Satan Phase 2 Tier!

~The Maestro Team

Tainted Characters
over 2 years ago – Wed, Jun 30, 2021 at 04:49:16 AM

Hello Friends,

First introduced in The Binding of Isaac: Repentance, available on Steam, the Tainted Characters have arrived in Requiem. Much like their video game counterparts, these Tainted Characters maintain the general theme as their counterparts, but twisted. Each comes with their own extreme version of an Eternal Item as well. Check out all of the revealed Tainted Characters and their starting items below.

Campaign Updates 

Twitter has been blowing up in the last week! Just a bit ago the community conquered The Credits and we have just one more Warp Zone to go. This is:

Head over to Twitter NOW to help unlock those final Warp Zones before The End!

~The Maestro Team