The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls Requiem

Created by Edmund McMillen

Update: Preorders open again until March 31 or until we sell out again -- whichever comes first! After selling out on our initial preorders, we've since secured another small print run of Four Souls Requiem. Only pre-ordered copies of the game come with an exclusive 10th Anniversary Isaac card. Pre-order the retail version of The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls Requiem and the add-ons from the original Kickstarter campaign. All orders placed now will ship in Fall 2022. Please note that we are still finalizing the design of some of our products and there may be subtle differences between the items shown here and the final products. Credit card charges will appear as: Maestro Media

Latest Updates from Our Project:

The Cards Have Arrived! Pt 1
over 2 years ago – Wed, Oct 06, 2021 at 05:45:32 AM

Hello Friends,

MASSIVE NEWS! The Card designs have been completed. That's right all 248+ cards have been created by the tireless Edmund McMillen, Sevenut, and team. The cards are getting ready to be sent to the manufacturer as well as our localization partners. Before we do though, we want everyone to get a chance to see them, read through them, give suggestions and really help push this game to the next level!

Over the next 8 days the team behind the website will be working non-stop to get every single card up on the site. They'll go live in batches followed by a Kickstarter update letting everyone know the new cards have arrived. If you want to check out the site while it's in progress today head over to, the first group of cards from the Base Game Second Edition and Gold Box Expansion are live.

A HUGE thank you to Kizzycocoa for getting ready to host the card spoilers. You may recognize him or the look of the website from his popular fan site Kizzycocoa, Yuggy, and egghorse have been working tirelessly to get the cards onto the site. Each card page has a place for feedback, please put your comments and feedback there so we can quickly go through everything in one spot!

We'll be back soon,

~The Maestro Team

Backerkit Charges Cards Starting Today
over 2 years ago – Sat, Oct 02, 2021 at 02:24:26 AM

Hi Friends,

Just a quick update today. One last reminder that Backerkit will begin charging cards for any add-ons, shipping/VAT charges, and failed pledges in Kickstarter TODAY and over the next couple of days. If you have already accounted for these things during the Kickstarter, you will not be charged again. This is just the final head's up for people who have a negative balance in Backerkit.

If you have not put in your Credit Card info or the charge fails you will begin to receive reminder emails letting you know that you need to fix something.

Add-ons Moving Forward

This also means there is an extra step you need to take if you'd like to add additional items in Backerkit. For those folks who asked early on if there was a way to pay for add-ons over a series of different charges, this is it. Once your card is charged, if you'd like to add something to your pledge, reach out to and just let them know you'd like to modify your pledge.

All the Love

The outpouring of support for Isaac has been amazing, over the past 10 years this community has grown into something amazing. Scrolling through and reading your stories on Twitter and Kickstarter has been an emotional experience. Thank you for sticking with us as we add to the world.

If you missed the livestream of the anniversary, make sure to catch it HERE. It’s an hour and a half of spoilers, stories, hints at the future, and more.

That's it for today, but we have a ton of spoilers getting prepped for October after our manufacturing friends take a well deserved couple of days off to celebrate National Day.

~The Maestro Team

Backerkit is Charging Cards
over 2 years ago – Sat, Oct 02, 2021 at 02:18:16 AM

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Isaac Turns 10!
over 2 years ago – Fri, Oct 01, 2021 at 09:30:36 PM

Happy Birthday Isaac!

On this day in 2011 Isaac was introduced to the world in The Binding of Isaac on Steam. Nine Million+ copies of the game and ten years later Isaac still brings joy, sorrow, love, and endless entertainment to people all across the world. Whether you came to this Kickstarter as a long-time fan or a complete newb, we're glad you're here to celebrate with us. We'd love to hear your Isaac stories in the comments below.

As part of the anniversary celebration we are happy to announce the Exclusive 10th Anniversary Isaac card. Everyone who backed for a tier that includes a game, will receive this 10th anniversary Isaac card with their game. Birthday Cake:

If you have friends who didn’t back the Kickstarter and are bummed about not getting any exclusive cards, this 10th Anniversary Isaac card will also be included with pre-orders of the game HERE for a limited time.


We haven't done this in awhile, join Edmund tonight on his YouTube channel for a livestream of the first ten years of Isaac. 21:30 (9:30) PST/04:30 UTC

We are overwhelmingly proud to work with our friend Edmund McMillen to bring this world to the fans and just want to say congratulations on this incredible milestone. Here's to the first 10 years and to the next 10.

~The Maestro Team

New Photos! Backerkit Charging Cards in a Few Days
over 2 years ago – Sun, Sep 26, 2021 at 05:26:43 AM

Backerkit Will Charge Cards September 30th-October 2

If you haven't seen the last few updates please know that Backerkit will lock orders on September 30th and cards will be charged the 48 hours following that. Don't worry though, if you'd like to purchase add-ons after September 30th, it's as simple as reaching out to the Backerkit team ( and requesting they unlock your pledge. And if you change addresses between now and the game shipping, don't worry, we'll be sending out a last call for address changes email right before we give that info to the Fulfillment Centers.

Manufacturer Prototypes!

If you don't follow @edmundmcmillen or @themaestroteam you missed the reveals yesterday. Our manufacturing partners have been hard at work crafting the BEST MERCHANDISE ever seen on a Kickstarter, and I have to say, they've delivered. These beauties will be packed into a container and sent our way soon for final approvals but we're moving right along with manufacturing.

First let's talk the figures. Here they are in all of their glory:

*Stapler, plant, pens, etc not included with purchase

Next up we have the plushes and they are HUGE! One surprise, the first look at Baby Plum. I'll have some better pictures of Baby Plum to share soon, but what a great surprise:

*Human hands, Apple Computer, calculator, etc not included with purchase

Finally, our friends have been getting really comfy around the office in the incredibly fashionable Beanies:

*You know the drill, nothing else included with beanie purchase

 REMEMBER! Backerkit Charges Cards September 30th-October 2 

We're going to end today just like we began. Backerkit will lock orders on September 30th and cards will be charged the 48 hours following that. 

~The Maestro Team